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About Ideal Fireworks

Welcome to Ideal Fireworks

Ideal Fireworks is a trusted wholesaler with a proven track record of reliability and delivering our promise to ensure all distributors are successful in building their fireworks businesses.

Our company is large enough to offer competitive pricing on the best, most reliable and innovative firework products in the industry, but small enough to provide an unmatched level of personalised customer service. Ideal Fireworks is purchasing from a trusted name in fireworks industry with a long-term track record of proven performance and superior service.

As our company has grown with the help of local customers to national accounts, events & corporate companies, and local authorises all agreeing that our unique aspect of the company is the attention to detail in making the whole shopping experience with us a very special one!!

Why Choose Us

Ideal Fireworks was created to provide a quality fireworks wholesaler working business to business (B2B) with unique and different types of fireworks for all our trading customers. We are a small business backed by large multi national fireworks company.

Ordering can’t be any easier. Simply phone Ajay on 07387 163436 or email at info@idealfireworks.com.


We get to know our customer and travel throughout the year to meet with them and understand their business needs.

Product Quality & Consistency

We have employees on the production site to ensure the product we deliver meets our own quality standards year over year.

Product Value

Due to strong growth, we are able to increase the volume of fireworks produced and sold each year leading to increased value to our distributors.


We earn the confidence of our customers by being a responsible business and supply partner. We are strictly a wholesale company and do not operate any retail locations - our customers don't have to worry about competing with their supplier!

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